Why Your Google Adsense Application Is Rejected And How To Fix It

Google Adsense is currently the most profitable CPC program and one of the major monetization methods today. Adsense will no doubt earn you decent revenue, but by reading this post you already know that getting your application approved isn’t an easy task.


I’ve come across webmasters who’ve spent weeks, months struggling to get a working adsense account; all to no success. Why is my Google adsense application rejected? What could have been the cause? Is the problem from my blog? I’m certain that’s what you’ve been thinking. But not to worry, this post i believe will answer all your questions and clarify you on facts about being accepted into adsense.

The below are possible reasons why your Google Adsense application is rejected and how to fix it.

1. Poor Content

A major reason why reasonable number of adsense applications are being rejected today. Google loves quality content and considers it top priority when reviewing your blog. Such content are unique, informative, straight to the point, well arranged and has no grammatical error.

If your blog is filled with copied or poorly written content, Google wouldn’t think twice before rejecting your adsense application.

To Fix It: Delete all copied and low quality content on your blog, then take your time to write original and top quality content. If you aren’t good at writing articles, i recommend you read how to write better blog posts and how to make content writing easy or get someone to do it while you work on your writing skills (it’ll be faster this way).

2. Insufficient Content

Quality content

Yes, Google loves top-quality content but that doesn’t imply you submit a blog to adsense with only one or two articles; numbers play an important role in getting approved. Google loves serious bloggers and are strictly looking for blogs that will be helpful to visitors; such blogs contain lots of relevant articles to offer.

To Fix It: Before applying for adsense, sit back and spend your time writing and publishing more and more quality posts, have at least 40 or above unique articles on your blog. If you are led by the thought that adsense won’t accept you as a result of your blog not having high traffic or is sill new, clear your mind off such thoughts.

I can vividly remember i opened an adsense account for a client with her 3 weeks old blog. It’s all about the content, have your blog overflowing with quality content and Google will have no other choice than to accept you into their CPC program.

3. Content Type

If your blog contains pornographic content, writes on drugs, illegal items or links to such pages, you are wasting your time by applying for adsense. Google doesn’t work with such sites and it’s made clear on adsense TOS.

To Fix It: Delete all illegal content, pornography and so on, apply point 1 and 2 solutions (write quality and enough content) then reapply for adsense. I’ll also advise you to check if your domain has already been banned from adsense due to illegal content, read how to know your Adsense ban status.

4. Blog Design

Great content combined with a simple but professional design increases your chances of being accepted into Google adsense program. Google considers your blog design and that’s what most webmasters ignore. Your blog doesn’t have to be the most beautiful, just give it a reasonable design.

For example, having a yellow background with white text will make the texts hard to read and when your blog isn’t arranged it’ll be hard for visitors to navigate. A blog with good design is easily readable, easy to navigate, share the content and so on. Such blogs are loved by visitors and Google as well.

To Fix It: Ensure your blog is well arranged and made easy to navigate, the categories are placed where they can easily be seen and a search box is provided. Your texts shouldn’t be too tiny to read nor should your blog be filled with colors that’ll irritate your visitors. Keep your design simple and clean, Google loves that.

5. Important Pages

This comprises of the privacy policy, about us and contact us page. These three pages are must have on a blog before applying for adsense. Not only does it make you a serious and professional blogger, it enables visitors know what your blog is all about and increases their trust knowing that they can easily contact you. That’s the type of blog Google loves, one that is totally concentrated towards serving the visitors.

To Fix It: You already know what to do. Quickly create an about us, privacy policy and contact us page.

6. Top Level Domain


Are you applying for adsense with a blogspot domain? Your chances of being accepted are extremely low. Get a top level domain, be it .org, .com, .net, .info and so on, domain names and hosting today are very much affordable.

To Fix IT: Only apply for adsense using a top level domain, e.g. www.yourblog.com and not www.yourblog.com/blog. This increases your chances of getting approved. If you still desire to stick with a blogspot domain (though i totally don’t recommend it), work hard on increasing the domain authority and value. This can be done by filling your blog with steady quality content, applying serious blog promotion and giving the domain time to age. That’s some tough work; just buy a top level domain.

Getting accepted into the adsense program is only easy when you know the right steps to take. By applying these instructions, you’ll definitely experience a positive result. I also recommend you check out The Best Adsense Alternatives.

Are you still not clear on any of the above point? I’ll be happy to welcome all adsense application related questions in comment.


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