Whatsapp App Latest Version Allows You Choose Theme and More

Few days back, whatsapp released an update to the application on blackberry 10 phones. The update as usual, came with bug fixes and other improvement.

One of the noticable improvement is the ability to choose a theme. This is very much similar to the BBM App which allows you choose basically two themes; Dark and light. Whatsapp users rocking the app on their blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z3, Z30 and other bb10 series, can choose to either stick with the default light theme or choose dark.

How To Choose Theme On Whatsapp

First and foremost, you need to have whatsapp application updated.

whatsapp latest version 10.2

==> Launch the whatsapp application and swipe the top of the screen down to display more options.

==> Select settings and Tap On Advanced Settings. Under color theme, you can choose between dark or light. However, you will need to restart the whatsapp application before the changes can take effect.

More Privacy On Whatsapp (Last Seen, Status and Profile Picture)

Another noticable improvement is in the area of Privacy. You can choose to hide your last seen timestamp from been see by everyone, just your contacts or make it known. However, whatever option you choose here, also affects you.

For example, If you choose to hide your last seen timestamp from been seen by everyone, you won’t be able to see anybody’s last seen timestamp.

Same applies to status and Profile pics. You can choose to hide your status or profile pics from been seen by everyone. You can allow only your contacts to see them or you can display it for everyone to see.

If after updating the whatsapp application on your phone and you are unable to reply messages via the HUB session, simply restart your phone and that should fix things back to normal.

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