Ways of Make Money With Your Blog Aside Google Adsense

Let me point this to you that Google Adsense is the most difficult way to make money in your blog. It is not only the most difficult but it is also subjected to a lot of guidelines and rules of which if not adhered to may result in you losing your account.

Bloggers make mistake in sticking to only Google Adsense as their only source of income through their blog and thus under-utilizing the earnings potential. But today, I want to point it out to you the other alternative ways to make money with your blog.

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  • Direct Advertisement

    : This is the coolest way to make money with your blog. You need to have a reasonably amount of traffic for you to really reap this easy mean of making money with your blog. After obtaining traffic, source for direct advertisement. Go to companies most especially the company that wants to introduce new products or the one that want to enter the market to advertise in your blog.
    Some bloggers lose out in this source by not calling for advert in your blog. People or company may actually wanted to advertise but when they come to your blog, there is no page or link showing that you are accepting adverts and this will make them to move on. So create a page or link showing ADVERTISE HERE to show that you are accepting adverts.

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  • Sponsored Post

    : Sponsored post is also known as a paid post or promoted post. It is a blog entry or post that contain link to the home bloggers website. It is another form of advertisement because the writer of that post will pay for one to publish the post in the website.
    Sponsored post has been a main a stay in the world of advertisement. A company may want to write about its product, or some reviews etc and point it to its site, he will contact the owner of the blog and make his proposal.
    There is an argument that sponsored post is not ethical in a blogosphere, the site owner has to examine the link in a post to verify that it is not a malware farm etc.

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  • Affiliate Marketing

    : Affiliate marketing is the number one and the most efficient and effective way of making money in a blog. After gathering your list, traffic and devoted visitors, you can start selling some great product to your visitors. This is where affiliate marketing comes to play. All you have to do is to register with any of the affiliate marketing site like Amazon Affiliate, Ebay Affiliate etc. get your referral link, write about the products and send it to your list. You will be surprise that people are actually looking for that product and when they buy, you earn a commission
    There are other ways to make money with your blog apart from the mentioned three (3) ways. But it all boils down to your level of traffic. All you have to do is to generate a lot of traffic to your website by posting good post that solve problem to your visitors. You can also promote your blog so as to ensure exposure, and then apply the above mentioned ways, you will make a whole lot of money with your blog.

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