[Very Hot] How To Get 2GB Data On Airtel Freely!


Like I promised earlier that I will be dropping the freeAirtel 2gb tweak.

My devoted blogreaders had been
enjoying something good on MTN since last week.

I wonder which imei manufacturers will use for devices that are yet to be produced when
Nigerian already use all.

Have been hoarding this for my blogreaders & those in my group just to test its authenticity.

But now the 2gb is now available.

How To Get 2GB On Airtel Freely


==>If you don’t have the an Andriod, you can get from a friend to get this 2gb.

==>Here is the imei will be using
869878000162957 I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult generating a valid imei.You can copy the first 12 and generate others

Are you new  to IMEI changing?

Follow this steps here HERE

==>Don’t forget to generate the check digit at imei.info tweak it into your phone and restart.

==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text 3G to 141…enjoy


  1. wow… i will get airtel sim tomorrow nd try it. i definitely knw it will work cos am still flexing dat etisalat tweak u dropped d other tym. i was able to do etisalat 1gb. i will appreciate if u could put me thru on how to do etisalat 2gb. thanks! umorudazimi@gmail.com

  2. Dear customer, this offer is not available for this device. Please insert the SIM into the device bought for this purpose. dats what i keep on getting each tym i tried different imei number. what should i do pls?

  3. i checked very well sir. i tried for many times nd it keeps on telling me dat same msg. bedides, i hav been tweaking etisalat 500mb so i know wat am saying

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