Updated WhatsApp+ 6.67D – If you Don’t Have This, You don’t Have WhatsApp

If you don’t have this version of whatsapp plus on your
device then you are missing something.
This is different from the conventional whatsapp you have installed
on your device as this one allow you to customise it to your taste. This
version of whatsapp bypasses alot of limitations not covered by the one you
have installed on your device like the following. 

==>It bypasses the upload media limit of 16mb, meaning
you can upload files more than 16mb. You now have maximum upload size to 30MB
==>You can increase the quality of pictures sent
==>Hide blue Ticks and Hide the 2nd tick mods… In other
words, people won’t know that you’ve read their messages if you don’t want them

==>Added floating Menu to chats screen and a lot of more
bug fixed in this version.
==>Taste and see that this version is good.
Where Can I download it?

==>Download it here
or download alternatively torrent file here
How Can I Install it?

1. Go to your whatsapp>>>settings>>>Chat
settings>>>Press back up conversion. (Make sure you backup your conversation)
2. Go to settings from your device>>>Application
Manager>>WhatsApp >>Unistall but don’t clear data
3. Install the new whatsapp plus 6.67D. After your
installation, press restore conversations.
Once you are done, set it, customize, until it suite you
taste… I’m eagerly waiting for the free voice call on WhatsApp to be release any moment from now. If its not WhatsApp, it cannever be like WhatsApp.

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