UPDATED: Enter To Get Etisalat Free 2GB Plus

Updated With New Phone IMEI.

For every new Phantom Z purchased is entitled to 1.5GB from Etisalat and every Infinix Zero purchased is entitled to 500MB from Etisalat making 2GB. Follow carefully to see how you can generate imei and flex the 2GB this weekend.

==>Rooted Android Phone.
==>Generate your imei & Change your phone imei I want to believe you’ve rooted your Android phone and if you haven’t’ simply comment with your phone model and
solution will be provided on how to root it. .

How Can I Generate Infinix Hot IMEI? .
==> The first thing we need here is the first 8 digits of the Phantom Z IMEI which is 35370906 while the latest Infinix Hot 8digit imie is 35749106 .Remains 7 digits. Out of the 7 digits, you can add any 6 digits you like e.g. 102145. This makes up 14 digits. E.g 102145 making it looks like this 35370906102145x.

==>The last digit is crucial for the validity of your tweaked IMEI. So to get the last
digit, download imei analyser from playstore. .

==> Enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and click on Check, it will provide you with the last digit. .

==> If your using the IMEI analyzer,enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and click on analyze. Whatever digit that display is your last digit. If you get a message that you’ve reached quota, then you can try the below trial and error method. .

==>Go to this site: http://imei-number.com/imei-validation-check / .

==>Input the known 14 digits e.g 35370906102145.

==>Add any digit to the already known 14 making 15 digits e.g 353709061021452 and validate IMEI.

==>If the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid. But if the random digit is incorrect it will display IMEI number is not valid! And the valid IMEI will be displayed below it. e.g for 353709061021452 it will display IMEI number 353709061021452 is not valid! and just below it, it will display IMEI number 353709061021456 is valid….

How Can I Add The IMEI to my Adroid
Phone? .
Once you’ve generated your IMEI, input it into your Android phone by doing the
1.Go to Engineer mode in mobile Uncle tool or download mobile uncle. .
2- Select Engineer mode[MTK] .
3- Go to CDS information.
4- Select Radio Information.
5- Select the phone 2 (if you want to change sim2′s imei number) Here you
can see a command line with “AT+…”. Now just add this command to it AT
+EGMR=1,10,”THE GENERATED IMEI NO” And press “send at command” button. ( if
you want to change the the phone 1 IMEI AT +EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI NO” ).
Restart the phone and check the IMEI by pressing *#06#..

How Can I Get 1.5GB.
==> Send Data to 8186.

How to get Extra 500mb using the new Infinix Zero IMEI.
==>The first 8 digits of the New Infinix Zero IMEI is 35585906 while the latest Infinix Hot X507 is 35749106 Use the technique above to generate the remaining 7 digits.
==>Send Mid to 8186.

How To Get Other Free MBs.
==>Techno T635:: IMEI:35262606 Send T635 to 8186 or dial *8186#.

==>Galaxy S4:: IMEI:35516705 Dial *8186#.

==>Note2:: IMEI: 35362705 Dial *8186#.

==>TecnoR7:: IMEI:35313306 Dial *8186#.

==>TecnoP3::IMEI:86101302 Send HIGH to 8186.

==>TecnoF7:: IMEI:86115502 Send DATA to 8186.

==>NokiaXL:: IMEI:35366506 Send DATA to 8186.

==>TecnoP5:: IMEI:35900505 Dial *8186#.

==>Nokia210::IMEI:35551305 Send DATA to 8186.

If you receive a negative response, try another IMEI until you receive a positive response. .
Enjoy guys! .


  1. Thanks for ur nice tweaking… but i ave noticed dat imei codings for etisalat actually holds first 10 numbers as their own signature imei tac… pls could u help me send an already used full imei for s4 nd note 2 nd also dat of the new infinix to momohpolycarp@yahoo.com pls so i could change thier last 5 numberz…. God bless

  2. Bro please am trying to do this and it is not working. I have tried so my imei on the sim but all to no avail. Please can we chat on whatsapp? Please. 08145738792 please

  3. How do one check if the etisalat imei code works cos this is the response I got but it’s not browsing: “Your New Smartphone Offer with Double Data has been successfully activated. Kindly dial *229*2*7# to purchase our special 1GB plan at 1k valid for 30 days or send help to 229 for more info”.

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