Unlock Your Stubborn Huawei Modems Here Once & For All

I dedicate this thread to all those who has been finding it difficult to unlock their Huawei Modem. It is better we should just tackle this issue of Modem once and

for all because I’ve received a lot of queries from people demanding for unlock

code for their modem. However, if your modem only accept one SIM and rejects

other SIM, then it is not a modem but a “de-mo”.

What I’m about to share with you, works for every e303 modems and Huawei Modems . But before I begin, I must sincerely appreciate the

creator of this platform and for making it free for all to use. He’s equally a

blogger and a kind hearted one for that matter.

How Do I Do It Myself

==>Insert your SIM aside of the carrier SIM inside the

modem. e.g insert an etisalat inside an mtn modem

==>attach the modem to your computer and wait for it to

display “enter your unlock code”. If you didn’t see anthing like

this, then it means your modem can’t work with this method but with Dc-Unlockerclient

How Do I know If My Modem is Compatible to Be Unlock?

Just click the link below to see all the Huawei Compatible

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