Unlimited Browsing and Downloading With TROIDVPN

Unlimited Browsing With TROIDVPN

N100 by sending Bbcday to 21600

N1000 by sending BBC to 21600


1. Register an account at http://tunnelguru.com/registration.php?

2. Upgrade the account for only #500 at HERE

3. Download Troid VPN at Google Play Store.

4. select any desirable server.

5. Rport: 80

6. Lport: 0

7. select TCP, make sure you thick remember me.Move to the next level, select ADVANCE there thick use proxy for TCP CONNECTION proxy host:
proxy port: 8080 header: host: web.blackberry.com
and now save it.

8. Click connect and Enjoy unlimited download, upload, streaming and surfing on all your android devices.


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