Top 7 Free URL Shortening Services And Their Features

There are times when you visit a web page that contains valuable information and you wish to copy-send the URL over to someone but find it annoyingly long. Don’t worry, there are ways to shorten long URLs using URL shorteners. Let me explain further.
A URL shortener is an online application that allows the user to enter a full URL for any specific web page, click on a button, and automatically shortens a long wordy URL to a short domain name and a 5 or 6 character code. When users are clicking on the short link, they are redirected to the original URL just as if
they had entered or clicked on that directly.
Best URL Shorteners You Must Know

Official URL shortener from Google.

Reliable and trusted.

Shows real time click analytics on hourly, daily,weekly, monthly and all time basis of all the short Google links.

Public Stats



1. Organize your links Bundle links privately or publicly around a theme. Invite collaborators.

2. Count your clicks See how popular your shared links become.

3. One-stop sharing A single way to share your links across Facebook, Twitter, and email.



Browser toolbar

Control your alias by providing a custom one

URL Redirection

Hide Affiliate URLs

Preview Feature



Monitor Traffic Statistics

Edit Your Links

Make Your Custom URLS

Preview Links

Referers to tell you where your traffic comes from


Custom URLs

All Links are thoroughly verified for viruses,malware, phishing, malicious content, session stealing, cross-site scripting attacks, etc

Links are Publicly Available


Place Your Links on Social Networks

Earn Cool Cash From Anybody that visits your URL

Link Statistics


URL shortener.

It allows you to syndicate content to StumbleUpon,Facebook and Twitter at the same time
Suggests the best time of day to post

Allows you to schedule posts in the future.

This is the best URL shortening services you can find
anywhere. Hope you do love it.


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