Top 4 Best Alternative To ROM Manager

Having a Nandroid backup will save you of lots of bug your device might develop in a later date. It’s always advisable to make a Nandroid backup of any of your Android device. I’ll quickly present you with best Alternate top ROM manager.

4 Best Alternate ROM Manager App.

Flashify: This is one unique hell of a app that allow you to flash, backs up and stores your boot and recovery images, so you can start over without having to rebuild, too. Best of all, to recover your device, you don’t even need to enter recovery mode. You can store locally and/or in the cloud, and the .img files can be accessed from within the app. Nothing makes recovery easier than Flashify. Download it HERE

Auto Flasher: Auto Flasher is a small, fast and lightweight ROM flashing utility for your Android device. Auto Flasher lets you flash several ROM files (kernels, tweaks, themes, mods etc..) automatically, based on file name patterns without having you to dig through your recovery for files in different folders. It is so easy to use.

Rom Installer: This is best way to find and install custom ROM on your device. It is a must have app for any root user. You will find more ROMs available in ROM Installer than any other app on the Google Play Store. Download it here

Rom Toolbox: This is strange but true. Where ROM installer stop is where ROM tool box picks up. Here you’ll get better backup options, and access to things like a CPU slider. You can also schedule your backups and downloads, and even get breakout data on apps.

The question now is which is the best ROM Manager? That depends on your ROM and need. Remember, that variety is the spice of Android and ROM plays a big part in that.

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