TeamViewer: How To Access Any Computer In The World

Every entrepreneur and internet geeks, business man /woman need this. Wherever you are across the globe and you are reading this right now, or perhaps, you have been looking for  the easiest way to access or fix your client  remote computers right from where you are; then this tutorial is for you.  Its going to bring out the Bill Gate in you. Just seat tight and lets dive in together.

Let me quickly introduce you to TeamViewer app. It’s an application that remotely controls the
activities of another computer anywhere in the world with just a simple click. In-order words, it allow  me “starsedition ” to access your computer anywhere I am in the world if at all there is something you want me to fix on your system, Android or iPhone device.

This will even make work easier for me, if at all you are encountering any problem and you don’t know how to go about fixing it, then this is going to be our meeting point because am going to unlock the genius in you with just simple steps.

Why You Should Use Team Viewer App
1.       Remote Control: It allows you to control  your customer’  computers remotely via the internet, as if you were sitting right in front of them.
2.       File Transfer: you can easily transfer files or an attachment from your computer to another computer anywhere in the world.
3.       Mobile: Meaning you can carry this app anywhere you want to go on your mobile while you access another computer with it.

How Can I Download This Application
1.       Download it here
2.       Run and install it on your device
3.       During installation, choose private use, check vpn and file transfer box.
4.       Once the installation complete, you should note your password and User ID.

Device supported

It currently supports Windows, window Phone 8 Android, Iphone/ipad, Mac, and Linus. Blackberry is too black to carry this application.

That is it guys. So if you’ve got problem with your computer device, it can easily be fixed by a professional through this app without getting to your house.

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