Sorry, You are not Allowed To Make This Change Error On Glo BIS Subscription – Solution

That awkward moment when you have almost exhausted your data space allocated and you try subscribing by sending ‘COMONTH’ to 777 and the next message you receive is ‘Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another data plan.

That sorta leaves you wondering ‘Why? How come??’. Well, am going to explain why to you and also proffer a solution.

The basic reason to why you are getting that error when trying to resubscribe is as a result of the fact that, you have already subscribed like thrice that month. Based on my speculation, the maximum times you can subscribe to the glo bis plan in a month is thrice. That means 9GB of data for N3000. Most of the times, we tend to use beyond this. I most times, subscribe every week and that could mean subscribing 4 times in a month. Now, hope that settles why you are getting that error message instead of ‘your subscription has been extended’. Error on glo bis subscription

Solution To Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change error while subscibing to Glo BIS Plan

Having known the reason to why you get that error while subscribing to glo bis. Let’s have a solution. This solution is based on my usage of the data plan for months now and it’s been confirmed working.

Just make sure you didn’t disable Auto-renewal and you have over N1000 worth of credit on the sim. Just keep surfing, not minding the fact that you are on low data balance. When the data balance gets exhausted, your N1000 airtime will be automatically removed and a new subscription will automatically take effect. You should be notified of this via text message.

You can send ‘status’ to 777 and you’d realize the new data balance. After this change, you can choose to re-subscribe twice again without facing that ‘Sorry’ Error for the month.

Hope this helps in solving the ‘sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Please choose another data plan‘ error while trying to subscribe to glo bis’.


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