Recover Browsing History Using CMD [Command]

This is the procedure on how to can recover browsing history on your chrome, Mozilla Firefox,and more using a simple CMD command! Sometimes you might find it difficult to login your Facebook account, email account, twitter account etc in your browser and is not logging you in, I think the best solution you can think of is to clear your browser cache or your browser history, or clear cookies.
After clearing your your browsing history,
cache etc you might want to recover your browsing history or an important webpage in your browser, now the best way to recover your browsing history is by using CMD [command]. And am going go give you the CMD command to recover your browsing history


How To Recover Browsing History Using CMD [Command]
In this method , DNS Cache is used to recover deleted Chrome Browsing History. You should make sure that you are in a stable Internet Connection and you didn’t shut down or restart your system if you need to recover the deleted history.


Open the CMD. You can do it simply typing Command Prompt in the windows search menu . Press ‘Windows’ + R and type ‘CMD”.


Now, type the following code in the Command prompt interface and hit Enter.

Now , you can see all your recently visited websites. You can see your browsing history including all of the browsers you’ve use recently such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.


With the above command CMD you can now recover your browsing history.

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