Personalize Your Android Phone in 30 Minutes with These Apps

There are a number of excellent apps for Android that can help you transform your Smartphone into the coolest with some of the most awesome applications.

The fact that you can keep on customizing the UI and home screen is one of the most beautiful things about Android. As you get a whole new home screen with some of the best fresh icons or elaborate widgets, it is also possible to install whole customized layouts with a single tap.

Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher is a wholly free app and the best free alternative for every premium launcher out there. It comes with a number of personalization and customization settings that could cost you a couple of dollars somewhere else.

The app operates efficiently and quickly while playing effectively with themes got from diverse launches. You can transform your icon pack if you want to, mimic a Huawei or Sony and carry out configured settings such as colors, lock screens and live wallpapers.

You can also enhance the general aesthetics of your Android phone by adjusting the transitions on the home screen, app drawer, home screen dock and layouts. At no cost Solo Launcher provides unread notification for emails, texts and missed calls. It also has a weather widget with other applications to ensure the experience has been enhanced.

HD Widgets

HD WIdgets

Those who enjoy just dressing their home screen right up without going through heavy adjustments should think about HD Widgets.

It is a very flexible app with lots of widget layouts to checkout. Whether you would like a new app shortcut simple to use, combination widget or a full screen weather widget, this app should provide you with that.

Users have all kinds of options to investigate including layout, background transparency, fonts and text colors. More than 60 templates free to use have already been added to the HD Widgets experience.

Zooper Widget

Zooper Widgets

Seen as the ideal tool for the creation of some of the best Android widgets, this preset widgets bundle is a good way to take care of your Android phone. The application has lots of customizable options, free templates and lets you come up with a fresh battery indicator, calendar, message or missed calls widget.

It is even possible to come up with widgets to help you monitor the Wi-Fi connections, system settings, data usage and networks. While it is a free app to transform your Android phone there is a Pro Version as well.

DashClock Widget


Any Android Phone on Android 4.2 should already know how easy it is to come up with widgets for the lock screen. While the lock screen gives you a chance to get widgets to quickly launch calendar appointments, text messages plus a host of other notifications,

DashClock ensures this has been taken to a whole new robust level. Users of DashClock will access current weather locally, unread messages, missed calls, priority emails and unread Gmail including a calendar showing the next appointment. The apps provide all this with one panel.



In case you would like to have your home screen customization fast, ThemerApp comes with a simple set up that swaps a whole layout with the touch of a button. It has over 300 themes amidst being very easy to install.

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