Newest Way To Twerk And Generate Valid Imei On Your Android Devices Without Stress

Gud day everyone, we hope u all are enjoying your stay here dis tyme around especially dis new month….

We`v recieved alot of messages and series of call concerning d issue of imei generating stuff…

We heard dat most of u guys av been finding it difficult to generate valid imei in order to enjoy our latest updated tweaks….

Buh we here today in order to put smile on ur faces, u can naw generate valid imei without stress


1. firstly click HERE

2. Enter ur 14 digits imei number E.g. 86987800402784 in d box attached to d link

3. Then click on CHECK IMEI den validate it and d 15th number will be added….

After dat, copy it and paste it into ur mobile uncle tools or follow d oda way round below….

How to input the generated IMEI into your android phone using mtk enginerring mode

This tutorial explains how to change your MTK android IMEI to a Blackberry (Or, any device IMEI) using MTK Engineering MOD, downloadable from the Google PlayStore.

1- Download MTK Engineering Modfrom the PlayStore.

2- Open/Lunch theMTK Engineering Modeon your phone.

3- Click/SelectMTK Settings.

4- Navigate left to Connectivity.

5- On the connectivity panel, selectCDS Information.

6- On the CDS section, selectRadio Information.

7- Now, select either the SIM1 or SIM2, depending on whichever SIM you wish to change its IMEI.

8- On this page, click on theAT+. About four (4) options should be presented to you, just choose either of this options below:
AT+ EGMR=1,10,”” -for SIM 2
AT+ EGMR=1,7,”” -for SIM 1

Don’t forget to put the IMEI you wish to change to in-between this signs“”above.

9- Now, tap/click theSend AT Commandoption.

Yes it all done…

now you can restart the phone and check the IMEI by pressing *#06#

Yea dats just it, hope it helps?


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