New Way To Activate Mtn Ipulse 5naira For 5mb


The MTN 5 megabyte for 5 naira has been on
since 2014 but it came to an extent where you can no
longer get the 5mb for 5naira by dialing *406*1#.

Today i bring to you a new method of getting the mtn
5mb for just 5naira,You must be in MTN ipulse.

If you have not yet migrated you can migrate by dialing *406# .

Now to get the MB you should dial #406#, a menu would popup, then answer with 5. 5naira would be deducted and you
will be credited with 5 megabytes .

To buy another one you will have to opt out by dialing #406# and answering by 4 then dial #406# and answer by 5.

You can do this anytime you like


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