MTN Music+ As Alternative to MTN BBLited


Recently the popular MTN BBLited got Block the operator which is sad news to  MTN users.  So I decided to find some  alternatives for it which I end up with using MTN musics+  the issue with this is that it cost more than the MTN BBLited because the MTN Music plus cost N15  for  150MB to get the 6GB like in BBLited  you to have N600 to get 6GB and if we compare in terms of money with N75 you get 750MB, you can see its a little Bit more expensive than the BBLited.  In the other hand the Music+ more faster and it’s more easier to configure because it doesn’t require advance configuration like the BBLited and Also the music plus have longer life time of 1 week which is another advantage not like the BBLited that expires in just 24hrs and Another Advantage is that Even IPhone/IPad are not left behind this time they can configure and use it in there IPhone/IPad too.

To Subscribe for the Plan
How Can I Subscribe to MTN Music Plus?

Send C to 5900 through Message.

Dial *559*2# to check your balance.

Below are the configurations settings for the MTN Music+

For IPhone/IPad Users

1. Download Open vpn from iTunes or here if you don’t already have it

2. Download Music Plus config file here Import the config file and connect.

Note that this config file works with all devices that supports Open VPN.

For Android users

1. Download Psiphon from here if you don’t already have it

2. Open the Psiphon

3. On the handler Menu Tick Remove Port

4. On the handler Menu select Proxy type: Real Host

5. On the handler Menu put Proxy Server:

6. On the handler Menu select Real Proxy Type: Inject

Then click on Save

7. Now select more option then Tick connect through an HTTP Proxy and also Tick Use following settings

8. Now set the Host Address: and Port: 8080

Go Back and Connect.

I think it’s all set now and Ready to go,  so you are a die hard MTN user you will Enjoy this.

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