MTN Callerfeel Service Allows You Advertise Your Business

If you are an MTN subscriber, there are chances you may not have taken note of the MTN Callerfeel Service. Although, there are chances they may have sent you a message to that regards but you may not have taken note of it as a result of how frequent MTN sends messages to their subscribers.  Most of which, are not important and most people like myself ignore them.

MTN Callerfeel is a service that allows you express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers phone screen. What that entails is, if for example, you are subscribed to mtn Callerfeel Service and I try calling you, the message you had set will be displayed on my phone screen as a pop up notification.


According to mtn, it can be likened to the way we normally update status messages on social networks like whatsapp, bbm, Facebook and Twitter. Quite interesting right?

What Can MTN Callerfeel Be Used For?

Since it can be likened to status updates on other social networks, the mtn Callerfeel Service can be used for the following;

Sharing status updates
Self Expression
Sharing special moments
Sharing special messages to specific callers and more. It all boils down on how creative you are.
Since it can be used for advertising, you can just set up your status talking about your business and your office address. It’s really that simple.

How To Register For MTN Callerfeel Service

Text REG to 50016 and you should get a welcome message. Please note, there are charges.  There’s the daily plan which goes for N5 per day. To subscribe to this plan,  send REG1 to 50016. There’s the weekly plan which goes for N50. To subscribe, send REG7 to 50016. And the monthly plan which goes for N50 Naira. To subscribe, send REG to 50016.


How To Personalize MTN Callerfeel Message

To set up your preferred Callerfeel message, simple create a message and send it to 50016.

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