Methods To Fix Google Play when it Stop Working on Android

As an Android user, you probably might

have come across a message like “Google Play services has stopped working”,

when you try to open your Google Play or you are currently encountering such

messages now, then the few steps you are about reading will help you out in

fixing it.

Before you proceed, you don’t need to

try all the steps at once but one after the other until it works out for you

How Can I Fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Working?

Method 1

1. Make sure your phone is rooted or (

use framaroot apk … quick and simple )

2. Download and install Total Commande apk here

3. Run Total Commander, allow root access

4. locate and open SYSTEM FILE

5. locate and open ETC FILE

6. locate and open HOSTS FILE …open with EDIT OPTION

7. insert the symbol # before the second set of ip address numbers then save

the changes and exit

8 …. Reboot your phone and add Google account in settings and your playstore

will now work

Method 2

Remove the updates for your Google Play

– Go to the

menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google play store–> uninstall

updates, then reboot your device.

Method 3

Remove the cache for your Google Play

– Go to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google

play store–> remove cache, then try to run your google play again. It is

better to do a reboot.

Method 4

Try to delete and re-install Google


– In some cases, delete and re-install

resolve this issue.

Method 5

Try to delete your Google account and

add your Google account again

– Go to the menu -> settings ->

account remove your current google account then add it again here.

Method 6

Check that Google Play on your device

installed as system app instead of user app

– If your Google Play installed as user

app, try to install it as system app. There is a app that helps you to change

it easily. “/system/app mover” Try this app (Sorry you have to find the app on

your own!)

Method 7

Download and install a different

version of Google Play

– Sometimes a different version of

google play works instead of one that you have on your machine. so try to find

a different version of google play(older or newer version) and try.

Method 8

Flight Mode Solution

– Set your mobile in “flight mode” just

to get rid of all the error messages from Google Play Store.

– Go to your application manager, and then scroll to the right to “all apps”.

Go to the very bottom and check that there are no deactivated apps/processes

there. If so, enable them.”

– Deactivate “flight mode”. Now it should work again.

Method 9

Use a different market application

– You can also use a different market

app like 1mobile or SlideME in place of Google play services.

Did any of the method above work for

you? Or you have some more solution that has helped you fix this issue, kindly

tell us using the comment box.

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