Latest GBWhatsapp V5.60 Apk For Android Device

GBWhatsapp V5.60 Apk has been released for you to Enjoy the Latest Update of GBwhatsapp with PIN chat feature as your Favourite Whatsapp Mod GBWhatsapp has been updated to Version. 5.60 Apk. Gbwhatsapp is one of the modded Whatsapp Customized by the Founder Omar who has inturn Has made This Whatsapp Mod more appealing due to it nature of customization and Background widgets that the official Whatsapp Messenger Don’t have. Many people love using GBwhatsapp for
better chatting Experience. It Great to see It’s GBmods working just as superb as it has been from it’s inceptions. The modded GBWhatsapp has more feature than the default whatsapp Messenger which help


you to get most out of your chatting experience when using GBwhatsapp. It helps you to create by running two whatsapp on one device functioning on a rooted and non rooted device. Like I said a new update has been found and it is GBwhatsapp v5.60 Apk, it is one of the fewest whatsapp mods that got new features added to it and release with its frequent updates.

                           How To Install GBwhatsapp V5.60 Apk on Android Device

✔ Make sure you Backup your Recent chats Before installing the Latest GBwhatsapp v5.60 Apk without uninstalling the previous version will contradict the privacy.
✔ Uninstall the previous version of whatsapp Messenger if you want to make a switch to GBwhatsapp
✔ Install the Latest GBwhatsapp v5.60 Apk
✔ Restore Backup and on internt connection for initializing. After it has successfully be DONE, Continue Chitchat with your Loved ones.
✔ No Rooting Require
✔ Ability to Hide Last Seen
✔ Proof Banning
✔ Zoom By Expanding Pictures and profile
✔ Possible to Send Audio Clips of 100MB
than initial 16MB size.
✔ Case Now up to 250 in Number than 139
✔ 256 Group Participants
✔ Two Steps Verifications
✔ Lock Chats without adding a Third party
✔ No Date and Name when copying 2 or more

What’s New on the Latest GBwhatsapp V5.60 Apk

✔ New Base Updated to 2.17.146 (Playstore)
✔ Added Ability to Send All Files (Eg. Apk, Exe, Other Extensions etc)Unlocked Pin Chats(Exclusive) ✔ Ability to Pin More Than 3 Chats on Top
✔ Show Contacts Tab in Different Style
✔ Option to Change Pattern to Hide Chats Added
✔ Added Option to Hide Attach Icon from Header (Mod 1.1.14)
✔ Option to Hide Attach Icon from Stock Entry Style Added
✔ Added Color to the Document Text
✔ Show Contact Status fixed
✔ Heads-up Notifications for Nougat fixed
✔ Fixed Pattern Not Showing for Some Phones When Hide Chats
✔ Voice Note Time Color Fixed
✔ Button Delete Background fixed
✔ WhatsApp Lock Fixed
✔ Other Fixes

Where To Download Latest GBwhatsapp V5.60 Apk for Android.

Click GBwhatsapp V5.60 Apk To Download the Latest and Enjoy New features

Enjoy Chatting with GBwhatsapp V5.60 Apk as More Features will be added To GBwhatsapp Mods in the Coming Month.

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