Latest Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing On Android Via VPN

Free browsing cheats are very scarce this year, many of the loopholes has been blocked.
Etisalat is one of the network many people like for browsing, but the price of their data bundle is slim high and their unlimited free browsing hardly exists this year.

Good news guys, Your-freedom vpn is the way out now. This tweak was not capped at 60mb daily, it is unlimited free browsing working on Android devices.

Your-freedom is one of the oldest tunnel-ling vpn and I’m pretty sure that most of us are already familiar with it, so no much talk. Let’s go straight to business.



  • Your Android device
  • Your-freedom vpn – Download it Here
  •  Etisalat Unlimited Your-Freedom Pack
  • Etisalat sim
  • Strong internet network

It’s very important for you to follow the steps accordingly, do not miss anything or else it won’t work!

Steps to Follow

  • Apps data and cache
  • Extract the Etisalat Unlimited Your-Freedom Pack format you download using Es explorer or file manager to unzip it
  • Now open Your-freedom vpn
  • Click on ” Configure ”

  • When it’s open, select “backup/restore”
  • Click on “load config”
  • Select the file on your device and click on “Etisalat Unlimited”
  • It will then open, choose anyone of your choice

  • Then click on “Laod”

If this show’s “Config read from ,,,,,,_ then it’s successful”


Go back to the main screen

Click on “Start connection”
And wait for some few seconds to get connected
Once it’s connected! Simply minimize the vpn and start browsing. Enjoy it while it last.


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