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ENGLISH 3rd March(6.30am-2.30pm)

-coachem and grooms adaptable to the new technology
-by 1910 the motor car became a common sight on the highway
-people no longer use trains with the advent of cars and lorries
-the volume and speed of traffic on the roads increased with the advent of cars,the motorcycles and lorries
-to make conjectures about what happened after death
-a glimpse into the world of death
-he has to assess his deeds in life
-his new body would not allow him to participate
-the mans system finally colapsed
– mistakes

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-always ready to punish offenders
-he smiled sheepishly
-jumping into a nearby bush
-ss3 student
-he was whistling
-friendly and likeable person

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-unite against bullying of the eldest brother
-he had a hard decision to make
-he took a risk by doing something illegal
– we are both in trouble because you lost your temper
-they are barely surviving
-when he goes to london,he will see the queen
-adeola should not go to farm today
-audu is arrogant despite his simple upbringing
-the have very great admiration for his
-aisha was not concerntrating
-olu was reprimanded for arguing with his principal
-half hearted
-an assertive
-a promising
-meditate on
-the problem was
-into their own hands
-a dozen with eggs
-are they

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-someone else’s
-women occupants
-what did lambasa do?
-where is the bed?
-what is adamu leaving behind


CHEMISTRY 3rd March(6.30am-2.30pm)

-Ca(HCO3)2 and Mg(HCO3)2 Salt
-27,33 and 27
-rare gases
-convert chemical wastes to harmless substances before releasing them into the environment
-cm emulsion
-rate of reaction
-the valence electrons of the elements increase progressively across the period

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-an exothermic reaction
– .-2081jmol^-1
-highly saturated
-CO and H2
-the equilibrium position will shift to the left
-the constituents of a compound are chemically bound together while those of a mixture are not
-0 to +2
-calcium ion
– 3-bromo-2-chlorobutanol
-partially filled the d-orbital

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-it is a halogen
-heat of reaction
-dry the gas
-maintain the solution at a constant pH
-of its high reactivity
– CnH2n+1X
-diesel oil

MATHS 3rd March(6.30am – 2.30pm)

– The variance of…(Ans 3.75)
– 1.6532
– 1/4
– _/2-1
– 37degree
– {2,10,14,22,26}
– 0.6
– find d median(Ans 5)
– -4,1
– 2x(a-3b)(2b-y)
– 1100base3
– 2.5m
– simplify (Ans 2/3)
– find d area of d sqr (Ans 16)
– 7!
– the mean of 2-t,4+t (Ans 2)
– 2x+1/2x^-1/2

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– find d value of… (Ans -2)
– 43cm
– -1/2cos2x+k
– 4y+3x-18=0
– (1 3)
(0 1)
– find d product of d modal(Ans 36)
– solve for value of x,..(Ans 20)
– find dy/dx (Ans 7)
– XnYnZ^1
– find the value of k (Ans 1)
– 13/9
– probability white ball(Ans 3/5)
– k+w/t^2
– what is cos0-sin0 (Ans 1/5)
– find mode (Ans 4)
– x<4
– regular polygon at 135 (Ans 8)

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– determin max value…(Ans 4)
– probab of obtainin 4 (Ans 2/5)
– -12cos(-4x)
– solv inequality(Ans x<6)
– 80degree
– 2y-3x(y-6x)
– 720mins
– if…find x (Ans 6)
– 2.8×10^-3
– value of x (Ans 53degree)
– a semicircle
– 10_/3cm
– (14 8)
(7 7)

ECONOMICS 3rd March (6.30am – 2.30pm)

– price to be constant
-%∆in qty supplied/%∆in price
-consumers have perfect knowledge of the price
-over dependce on oil-
– 32
-long term financial instruments
-level of income
-proximity of raw material
-few seller s
-curb inflation
+efficiency in pricing and distribution

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-medium of exchange
-MC rising
-to reduce imports
-mechanized farming
-it has operational confidentiality
+demand-pull inflation
-slopes downwards
-scarcity of resources
– organ is ng training and development
-distribute income equitably.
-the level of savings
-birth rate and death rate
-perfectly elastic
-production possibility curve
-the invisible hand
-oil marketing and prospecting
-more by producers

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-artificial scarcity
-low domestic gas utilization
-dual exchange rate system
-domestic production
-efficient allocation of resources
-take over markets
-ineffective use of stabilization measures
-output will be constant


GOVERNMENT 3rd March(6.30am-2.30pm)

-address current international developments…
-it requires special procedure to amend
-obedience to the laws of the land
-Non-proliferation Treaty
-political neutrality
-vast economic resources
-major General Joseph Garba
-is flexible and uncertain
-state house of assembly
-direct democracy
-Akwa Ibom and Kogi
-provide alternatives
-lack of commitment by member states
-The British
-separation of powers
-implementation of policies

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-General Assembly
-Hegemonic considerations
-legislative cooperation
-murtala/obasanjo regime
-the making of a new constitution
-the first reading
-electoral commissions
-checks and balances
-legitimate authority
-agitate for nigeria’s independent
-respect for the sovereign equality of member state
-Richard’s constitution
-provide services at subsidized rate
-the multiplicity of official language
-Welfare of the nation
-promulgate and enforce bye-law

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