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MATHS 12th March

1.D 4x(x² + 2)
2.D 2
3.A -1 ¹/⁴
4. D 7
5.A 720°
6.A 5-2root6
7.C – 2_<3
8.A 2x²/3 – x/2+k
9.D – 1
10.A 7/5
11.B 30
12.A 8x+3/x²
13.B 3x- 2
14.C 100°
15. D <6
16. D 5
17.D 25
18.D 76
19.C 4.8
20.C 7
21.D 114cm²
23.B 180°

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24.D 5
26.D 50
27.A 5
28. D 40°
29.A semicircle
30. B 10.92
31.C 8
32.B – 2,2
33.A 140°
34.C 5
35.A 2
37.D 60°
39.D 1
40.C 0.537
41.C 43°
42.C 5/6
43.C – 4
44.D 8
45.C x+2
46.D 98°
47.A 0
48.D 3
49.D 3
50.C 15


ENGLISH 11th March

+National unity and cohesion will be enhanced through an indigenous national language
+The Colonial Language
+Superior to African Language
+Have made little or no attempt to promote the local Language
+African and FESTAC Colloquium
+even among strangers attitude and purpose can be deduce from eye behavior
+The man appeared to be showing interest in her by his prolonged eye contact
+Eye behavior in one of the nonverbal ways of communicating
+Lack of uniformity in eye behavior and the variability of contact situation
+shifty eyes are equally induced by innocence and guilt
+hold away

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+jumping into a nearby bush
+unite against the bullying of the eldest brother
+Always ready to purnish offenders
+SS3 Students
+He was whistling
+giving inaccurate passes
+a peacemaker
+he smiled sheepishly
+It was a typical boy’s room
+she would be accepted by all as a beauty queen
+She was successful in the examination
+She was advice to stay calm
+she was excited about motherhood
+she expressed it clearly and strongly
+you need to improve ur skills
+He needs to organize himself
+He is possessive
+The teams performance was full of disappointment

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+they are very close to each other
+a tolerant
+an accurate
+A painless death
+lay off
+step by step
+had returned
+having been
+would have known
+an attractive car woodecosted

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+no less than
+with with
+if I was tired
+in roamed
+had left
+what did my mother buy yesterday?
+is musa passing through Enugu?
+who went to Abuja by air?


CRK 12th March

*circumcision of all gentiles for
*Mary’s holy nature
*Count it all joy
*cup bearer
*cleaopa’s and one other disciple
*Great fear gripped all that were there
*dogs would lick ahab’s blood
*it weakened the faith of the apostles
*he caused his angel to go ahead
*acknowledge their guilt
*whispering together

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*to obey was better
*had long desired to see jesus
*rested from all his work
*his heart was turned after other gods
*killed by pharaoh
*rent his clothes
*angel of the LORD lifted him
*when the element are
*gopher wood
*david was kind to him
*his disciples
*he put out his hands
*laid down his life for d sheep
*the skill to interpret
*law and d prophet
*division of d kingdom
*lack of control over children
*collective responsibility
*christian attitude to giving
*free will
*have wronged them
*made personal effort
*the cares of the world
*drove out those who sold in d temple
*grant them eternal life



* 1963 constitution
* assisted d liberation struggle in southern africa
* president
* edicts
* succession is thru heredity
* electorate
* influence legislation for d benefit of their member
* judicial review
* promote peace in liberia
* independence
* commonwealth
* italy
* persistent implementation
* five
* participation
* wit a relatively small area & homogenous
* 1993 election
* permanent secretary
* civil service commission
* imbalance in structure & sizes
* high commissioner

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* created states
* hebert macaulay
* existence of centralised system
* nations formerly under british empire
* substance
* supervise & manage d personnel
* adedeji commission
* provinces
* not easy to manipulate bill
* ensuring fair representation of states
* decolonisation of african state
* govt control
* supreme court
* league of nation
* 1976 local govt reform
* socio cultural
* wastage of resources
* mid-west R

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