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CHEMISTRY 4th March(6.30am2.30pm)

-group 1
-hydrogen bonding in hydrogen fluoride
– +2081 Jmol-1
-an increase in the bacterial population which reduces the level of oxygen in the water
-concentrated solution of NaCl
-2 (numbr of isomers in…)
-a solution of borax in water
-Concentrated H2SO4

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-682 K
-an alkyne
– +5
-decrease in pressure
-Butanoic acid
-increase in nuclear charge
-pure copper plate
-maintain the solution at a constant pH
-sodium trioxosilicate (IV)
-soft solder
-raw materials for the cracking process
-charles law

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-partially filled d orbital for bond formation
-Q will form electrovalent bond with S
-less than hydration energy
-SO2, CO and NO2
-3 (questn is abt struc. isomers)
-optical isomerism
-dry the gas

LITERATURE 4th March(6.30am-2.30pm)

-Aloho’s death
-change is inevitable
-justice odili
-the evil of soalously
-othello is a meer soldier
-trading on the street brings wealth
-after her husband’s death
-loneliness of women
-the way of life of the negroes

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-love and respect
-her visual impairment
-third person
-a class room
-an island
-unable to blend the two cutters and elegy

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-giving out of col…
-Men are equal


CRK 4th March(6.30am-2.30pm)

-driven out of the city
-are forgiven by God
-cheerful and willing
-proclaiming liberty to isreal through the messiah
-receive the inheritance as their reward
-by the sea of galilee
-the widow had faith
-communal living
-loving God
-were of a stubborn heart
-cry againrt their wickedness
-a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire
-direct access to God through christ
-was not interested in their sacrifice
-practice of worshipping the golden calf
-lowliness of mind
-shedding of innocent blood

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-He appealed to the king of Babylon to allow the exiles return home
-The vindication of Yahweh as the true God
-negligence of widows and orphans
-true worship of him
-become sons of it
-hiding from God
-they would nov root up the wheat along with weeds
-maltreated the Hebrews
-he had defiled himself by unrestrained association with Gentiles
-resurrection of the dead in Christ
-there was no need for animal sacrifice anymore
-Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah
-of persecution


ECONOMICS 4th March(6.30am-2.30pm)

-the level of savings
-indifference curve is tangential to the budget line
-excess demand
-efficiency in pricing and distribution of the products
-ac is lowest
-inadequacy of infrastructural facilities
-shares are easily transfered
-isoquant is tangent to the isocost curve
-a decrease in the quantity demanded
-it widen inequitable gap
-long term financial instruments

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-discount rate
-an increase in economic output
-the marginal cost curve is equal to the marginal revenue curve
-decrease in the population
-decrease in population
-an increase in the rate of productivity growth
-perfectly inelastic
-increase in the quality supply
-process them into finished goods
-per capita income
-dual exchange rate system
-use of goods and services
-members are the owners
-the use of crude implements in farming process

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-total utility depends on the quality of the commodities consumed
-the mean and standard deviation
-ease of diversification of production
-mixed economy
-composite supply
-few buyers
-Setting up local industries to produce goods formerly import
-an increase in equilibrium price and quality
-AC is lowest

MATHS 4th March (6.30am – 2.30pm)

– 4x(x2+2)
– 2.6
– -1whole 1/4
– how many sides has d polygon (Ans 7)
– 5-2_/6
– 720degree
– -2 – 2x^3/3-x/2+k
– …when x is (Ans -1)
– 7/5
– find F when g = 5 (Ans 30)

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– 8x+3/x^2
– 3x-2
– 100degree
– x<6
– 5 (frequency questn)
– 25 (questn is find mode)
– 76
– 4.8
– 7 (question is log327+log..81)
– 114cm2
– 15(5x-3)^2
– 126degree
– 2.5
– 4.37×10^-4
– 50 (questn is how many studnt offered both..)
– 5 (questn is find a2b2+2a+2b)
– 40degree
– semicircle

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– 10.92
– 8 (questn find d mean 8,7,4,..)
– -2,2
– 140degree( questn on pie chart)
– 5 (freq table, find value of x)
– 2 (find variance of 4,3,6..7)
– 17 (venn diagram questn)
– 60degree (questn DRYM=120, find x)
– 1x3n-1
– 1 (questn d sum of 4x+2x+2 is 9,find x)
– 0.537
– 43cm
– 5/6
– -4 (question is find value of k)
– 8 (question on bar chat)
– x+2
– 98degree
– 0
– 3 (questn is if 2x+2,3-x and…)
– 3 (questn is wats modal score)
– 15 (hw many stndnts ar in cl..)

PHYSICS 4th March (6.30am-2.30pm)

-four times that of the second
-photoelectric effect

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-it can be used for making permanent magnets
-at low pressure
-infinity to the point
-earth radiates heat to the atmosphere at night
-a virtual diminished image is formed
-a transformer
-steam brings heat more easily by convection
-charles law
-image points up up
-300 w
-heat capacity

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-the level of water remains unchanged
-dispersion occurs
-3.50 cm
– fall bellow the liquid level if the liquid wet the glass
-an angle greater than the critical angle
-making the core of soft iron to reduce hystereris loss
-are good conductors of heat


GOVERNMENT 4th March (6.30am-2.30pm)

* unitary
* parliamentary
* full political right
* igbo
* de-facto sovereighty
* Togo
* dictatorship
* manifestoes
* partipant, parochial & evaluative
* civil right
* allowed africans to maintain their traditional form of govt
* executive director
* 1993 election
* king
* delegated legislature

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* charismatic
* use of traditional rulers
* supreme court
* nations formerly under british empire
* 1963 constitution
* is not easy to manipulate bill
* derivation, equality & even development
* persistent implementation of law
* africa
* lagos
* british
* league of nation
* 1976 local govt reform
* aristocracy
* coercive authority
* oyomesi & ogboni
* d rise of nationalism
* lobby

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* prevent tyranny & abuse of power
* britain
* influence legislation 4 d benefit of members
* emphasis on community feelings & togetherness
* convention
* promote world peace
* security
* enhance accountability in public

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