How to Use MTN BIS on Android & PC Using SS & TroidVPN

This is not new, but it is new to some people because it

So if you are finding it

difficult to use Glo bis on your android or you just want to download with your

MTN Bis, then you’ll consider this post unique.

MTN rocks flawlessly with Simple Server on PC and Android,

It rocks on Troidvpn too. And if you have huge files to download like season

movies, OS etc, then you can use MTN Daily BIS as it is unlimited with Simple


How Can I Get it working on PC?

==> Download simple server here

==> Extract the downloaded file and open the extracted

file folder, click on the ‘Simpler Servers.exe and run the application.

==> Load #100 on your MTN line and send BBCDAY to 21600,

when activated slot the SIM into your modem >>Connect it to your PC then

After receiving the welcome to Mtn Bis message, Go to setting on your Modem and

configure your


Password & username: web >> Also configure your

browser and IDM to port 8080 

Open your browser and start surfing and


How Can I get it Working on Android?

==>Download Android simple server app here.

==> Install it on your Android

==>Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows..
Port: 8080
Save And Activate it ss your default settings.

Go to simple server and configure the settings:

==>Pproxy host:

==>Proxy Port: 8080

==>Injection Method: get

==>Injection querry/url:

==>Injection Host:

==>Injection line: press your enter key 4 times

==>Log leve: debug

Close the settings and click the connect button.

How Can I Get it Working Using TroidVPN on Androd?

==>Download TroidVPN here

==>Run and Install It on your device

==>Set your default Sim APN to

Select any server you like

Rport: 80 Lport: 0 TCP

Click on Advance and set up as seen below

Tick use proxy for TCP connection

Proxy host: 10:199.212.2

Proxy Port: 8080

Hit the save button and connect.

That’s all.

you can download anything you want for 24hrs until your unlimited plan time

elapses and it will cost you just 100 naira to re activate the plan. Or use

already activated monthly BIS Plan. Daily rocks unlimited.


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