How To Track BlackBerry 10 Phone When Stolen or Lost

Good day everyone, the pricing of smartphones are rising due to high competition in the technology world, with new devices pumping out day by day. the top companies such as Samsung , Apple and HTC are trying to grab more funds and add density to their treasury. So is done Research In Motion(RIM), now rebranded as BlackBerry.

With the launch of latest BlackBerry 10 operating system the struggling company also has hit the market with pocket friendly BlackBerry os10 smartphones, but no matter what, to some it’s still a life saving money to get one of those. By now some of you may have already bought the device, departing with bulk money but I believe you’ll get the value for your money in this devices.

Now imagine been careless with this device and it got lost (like you lost a bulky money lol) and all those documentation you ve worked on day and night + remember nowadays smartphone not only serve as a sociable gadgets but also as a personal wallet and work oriented device meaning you can easily work on your presentation @a job conference right on your smartphone expecially when it requires urgency.

What if you misplaced your smartphone?

We have an answer. We will guide you how to track lost your bb10 handsets. Yes, just follow the below guidelines.

Firstly, enable blackberry protect on your phone.

How to setup blackberry protect for first time users

After buying the brand-new BlackBerry 10 handset don’t forget to enable the BlackBerry Protect option through the initial setup process.

It is a free service and is offered by BlackBerry itself.

It will help you in locating your stolen or lost BB10 device.

For enabling you first need to

=>go into Settings and then =>tap on the BlackBerry Protect option.

The next page after tapping will require sliding the virtual switch to right. It comes as ‘Off’ by default.

=>Sliding right will enable the service. Oh yes, you need to have BlackBerry ID for this and need to sign in on the device.

Then your device is secure.

How to track if my device got stolen or lost

Now, if the device is misplaced, stolen or lost, just visit website and you can easily locate your device.

On the website you will get the current GPS location of the handset.

=+> More to this, you can also play a sound on your lost device, and believe me it is very annoying sound.

=+> You can also display a custom message, wipe the device remotely and also lock the handset with a password.

The enabling of BlackBerry Protect service may take about a minute, but it is for sure one of the best and first thing to do after buying BB10 handset. It will save your money when the device goes missing. It will also keep you headache-free.

Do share your own views about this protection service of BlackBerry in below comments with fellow readers

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