How To Scan Your Documents To PDF Or JPG With Your Android Phone As Scanner Machine


Hey are you still looking for a scanner before you can scan your documents? Here is another tip for you today. In most cases, you will like to have your document scan in conversion to an electronic format such as PDF ( Portable Device Format ). Scanning your documents is very important for easy storage and it meant slowly feeding them through a desktop laserjet scanner before running slow to your computer, clunky OCR software which is a popular means that we all know. Now with in the advent of powerful smartphones, you can now quickly scan your documents with your phone’s camera, yes very possible.

Here on this article, I am going to show you how it work which is perfect for receipts or any other physical documents you run across that you might want to read later. You don’t need to save all those your business cards, pamphlets and other pieces of paper, what you just need to do is to scan them with your smartphone’s camera and you are done.

The following are different App that you can use to scan your document with your Andriod Phone:

Google Drive

The first app i recommend is Google Drive. The fact is “Android’s integrated camera app doesn’t have any OCR capabilities”, but you could snap your document with the camera app and call it a day…. yes, if you want to store that document as a PDF and perform OCR on it so you can search and understand its content, you’ll want to use a specialized app.

This app is one great app made by Google. It has integrated document-scanning and OCR capabilities which Andriod itself doesn’t have. Now if your snap a photo of a document, a PDF copy of the document you snap will automatically saved to Google Drive, cool right?. Not only that, it will also powered by Google’s servers to perform OCR on the documents to make it searchable in your Drive.

Now to perform this, follow the below steps:

Step1: You need to download Google Drive

Step2: Launch the Google Drive app on your phone

Step3: Open its menu, and press Add New

Step 4: Press the Scan option in the list to scan and upload a document.

Note: You could also add the Drive widget as shortcut to your home screen and tap the camera icon on it to quickly open the Scan interface, this is useful if you frequently want to scan documents.

google-drive-for-android-add-new-scanNow you should see the scanner interface. Then point your camera at a document and press the button to scan it into Google Drive.

scan documentThe amazing thing concerning this Google Drive app is that “it’s not just to snap your photo — The Drive will automatically extract the document part from the rest of the photo so it can be saved separately as a PDF file. You can also rotate, crop and resize your document before saving it to your Drive.

document scanned with andriod


The second app is Evernote. This great app can snap your a document with your andriod phone and save it as a PDF to your Evernote account, where you can access it from anywhere. Evernote’s OCR features will allow you to search through such scanned documents.

From within a note, just press the plus-sign button and select Page Camera.

evernote scanning documentCenter a page in the frame and press the button to scan it. The amazing thing about Evernote’s interface which make it different from Google Drive is that: “it is capable to scan multiple documents and attach them to a single note without navigating from the scanner interface, while Google Drive is focused on saving each document in PDF file with a different prceedure.

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