How To Recover Virus Infected Files / Datas From Your Flash / Pen Drive Or External Hard Disk

Imagine saving a lot of important files and documents in your flash drive for backup or in other to transfer to another computer and you discovered that some of the files and folders are damaged, “turned to shortcut” or not able to open or not accessible, how will you feel?

A friend of my backup some of his important files and documents in his flash drive before his computer crashed, which simply means he can only make use of the ones he has already saved in the flash drive…… one of this days he went to a cyber cafe to print some of his document he needed very urgent, on inserting his flash drive to the cyber system, “commercial computer”….. which has virus already, it automatically affect his flash drive and the folders that are saved turned to shortcut and cannot be open and it happen that the document he wanted to print is inside one of the folders.

As you can see the photo above, the folders that are saved turned to shortcut which can not be open while there are so much document in it, not only affected those stuff he saved in the flash but the flash drive is automatically infected which can be transfer to any other computer if inserted.

Many computer users do encounter this kind of problem and what they do is to format the whole of the flash drive and automatically lose all the infected files…… so if you experience this kind of problem at any time, here is how to recover your stuff….. dont lose hope or worried!

Follow this simple process and you are good to go

  • On your computer, go to start—–>>>> Run—->>>> type CMD then press enter on your keyboard

you command prompt should open like this

assuming your flash drive or any other drive that is infected is drive F: ….. press F: then press enter key on your keyboard ……... good….
Note: your infected drive might be G: or any other letter…. to confirm which letter is your drive that is infected … goto my computer, u shall see it this way ….

Now press this command without any mistake “attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d  then press enter and wait while the command calculate your files inside your infected drive…. that’s all…… Â

Check your drive those infected folders should be recovered just like the the photo below….

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