How To Pay For Your Friend Using Whatsapp

     Yes, this is a new feature of whatsapp and it is called Pay for a friend.
When I just log into my Whatsapp after so many days which I deleted it, I suddenly noticed this new feature and that’s why I came to make people understand it because on seeing it at the first time I didn’t know what it is.

However, you can download or install the new feature or may I say version using your Android device on the official whatsapp page and also it is available on Play Store but the one on play store is more older than the one on whatsapp official page.

What Is This Whatsapp Pay For A Friend All About?
Below is a short description of this Whatsapp pay for a friend.
This new feature of Whatsapp called Pay for a Friend feature enables you to pay for your friends Whatsapp subscription.

Do you know that after you first year free subscription you will be required to subscribe to Whatsapp services to be able to use the app on subsequent years.

Now the amounts for Whatsapp subscription is US$0.99 [not up to one dollar] a year but you can also pay for 3 years at the cost of US$2.67 (10% Off) or even 5 years for US$3.71 (25% OFF). And this Whatsapp subscription payments can only be made through Google Wallet and Paypal.

The main reason why this whatsapp pay for a friend came out is a result of a friend who does not either have both Google Wallet account or Paypal account and they may want to pay for their Whatsapp subscription; so as a friend who cares, you can use the Whatsapp Pay for a Friend feature to make such payments for your friends.

Guidelines On How to Use Whatsapp Pay for a Friend

Step 1. Firstly, you have to launch your Whatsapp app on your mobile.
Step 2. Then click the Menu Button and navigate to Settings > Contacts > Pay for a Friend.
Step 3. Now you are to tap choose a Contact to show all your Whatsapp contacts.
Step 4. Next step to take is to select your friend you want to pay his/her Whatsapp subscription and Whatsapp will quickly check for such a contact’s subscription eligibility.

Note; that if you are informed that your friend is not able to receive a service extension, you will be unable to purchase an extension for your friend.

Step 5. Now just select the number of years you wish to subscribe for and the payment method you wish to use.
Step 6. After a successful payment; you and the person you paid for will be notified of a successful payment.
Sub-Topic: Guidelines On How To Create A Google Wallet Account

Just follow the below steps and you will be able to create a Google Wallet Account.
Before you begin to create a Google Wallet Account firstly, you have to create a G-mail account. If in case you want to create a gmail account then you have to goto this LINK to get started.

How To Simply Create A Google Wallet Account

Now after creating the gmail account you can commence from step 1 or if you already have one then you are good to go.
Step 1. Click Here to go to Google Wallet website and login with your Google Account.
Step 2. Proceed by entering any payment method by linking your Credit or Debit Card to your Wallet.
Step 3. Just add the following necessary document to confirm it;
I. Your card number.
II. The card expiration date.
III. The security code and billing address details and save.
Guidelines To Create A Paypal Account

Paypal helps you to send and receive money from around the world, so just follow the below steps to create n account there.

Step 1. Click Here to go to PayPal and sign up for an account.

Step 2. Now you are to verify your account and link it to your bank account and you can be able to make payments online with just your email address.

Just note Paypal may not be available in all the countries, hence, you are advice to make use of Pd proxy.
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