How To Know If The E-mail You Sent Has Been Read

We all have at one point sent an email that we never got a response to. This does nothing but keeps one wondering if they ever got the email; if they ever opened it or if they read the email at all. It is not a good feeling at all. I don’t know about you but I would be pleased to know that the recipient actually got my email but didn’t just reply. That way, I know it has nothing to do with something from my own end.

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There is this tool I used to make use of, it is or was called SPYPIG. SpyPig is a simple email tracking system that sends you a notification by email when the recipient opens your message. It works with all major email providers like Yahoomail, Gmail, Outlook, HotMail, AOL and more. I don’t think it is around any more. I have been trying to use it and open their website for some months now but I have been having difficulties doing that. Maybe the developers no longer support the project.

Do not worry, I have gotten alternatives for you and here they are.

Tools That Let You Know When Your E-Mail Gets Read

These are alternatives to SpyPig. If you have used it in tha past and no longer have access  to it, why not try these two I will be sharing with you here. If you just want to start tracking your emails to know when they have been read, read this article to the end too.

1. GetNotify – Free Email Tracking & Marketing service is a Free Email Tracking & Email Marketing service which tracks your sent emails and get email open and email read confirmation. Receive email message return receipt and read receipt. This means that you get alerted when the recipient read your email.

GetNotify is free to use but they do welcome and reward donations with additional features. They only allow you to send 150 emails per month (5 per day) for example on a free account, for example.

Lastly, let me make it clear before you ask me, your recipient will NOT KNOW that you have sent a tracked email. You will use your existing email address and existing email client program/web based email service provider to send your emails.

2. Free email tracking trial

When you use didtheyreadit service, every e-mail that you send is invisibly tracked without alerting the recipient. Your recipent will not know you are tracking the emails and when they read your email message, you will immediately receive the following information:

1. When, exactly, your email was opened

2. How long your email remained opened

3. Where, geographically, your email was viewed

So, what did theyreadit does in summary is to check if, when, where and how long your email was read. GetNotify can also tell you how long your email was read too but it does not come with the free service.

You can click here to go to their website and read more on how it works.

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