How To Get N3869.60 Airtime On Airtel Nigeria

You wonder how to go about this? I couldn’t believe this until i tested it and it works for me. From my research, it works on all airte Airtel-729326sims.
Note this is not a promo from Airtel
It’s a trick.

For long usage of this
trick, ensure 100% privacy.

Also note that as the time of posting this
updates, the tricks above is confirmed
working! And it can be block unaware by
your Internet Service provider.

Now to get it done!


-Airtel Nigeria Sim

-Minimum of N100 airtime {but wont be

follow the steps below to grab N3,869.60
airtime on Airtel Nigeria Network.

Step 1. Dail *447# and you will get a
message which will be in this form
Note>you may get an error message
repeatedly i.e system busy…but keep
trying until you get it done!
And have this in mind many users are
trying this at thesame time.

Step 2. Call any airtel line for atleast
60seconds then end the call
Now dail *446# and ignore any response
you get thereafter

Step 3. Finally dail *123*9# to check your
bonus airtime.

You will get this that you have been
given N3869.60 bonus to call any airtel
Nigeria line.

Then you’re done!

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