How To Get Any WiFi Networks Password Using Your Andriod Device

Morning guys,how was your night??This post am about to share with you is Strictly for Educational purpose.

Have you ever been to an area where there is WiFi network??

Did you try to connect and you are being
requested to input password?? then,you are on the right post.I will sharing you two wonderful great applications that you can use to pull down any WiFi treat.Just seat back and read along.

Andriod users You do not need any special training on is very easy to go about it. Make sure your android device is Running 4.0+above.WiFi claves :this application helps to retrieve passwords from protected WPS advantanges of wifi claves
==> calculate wifi instantly
==>It is free no hidden cost to download it
==>support for popular network
==>copy to the clipboard of the key
==>It shows the level of signal
Download it HERE though,the application is programmed to another language but,it is easy to understand just follow the screen prompt and In no time you get the WiFi password.
==> WLAN XXXX :This is also like the other one because, it is also programmed to another language.But,wlan xxxx is a paid application… You can use other alternatives to download it.I recommed you use 4shared.

if you need tutorial for iPhone WiFi hacking comment through the comment box

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