How To Format Your Computer

When it becomes absolutely necessary or when your PC gets way out of hand, formatting might be your best line of action to save time and money.


Steps To Format Your Computer:

Δ Go to BIOS ( press F10 upon boot) and set boot order to let your PC boot from DVD drive Or USB
( as the case may be).

Δ Slot in your OS DVD or bootable USB then boot your system

Δ Follow the wizard till you get to the point where you are to select what drive or partition you wish to install the new OS. At this point, you’ll be prompted to either format/ upgrade ( for windows xp) or you’ll see a list at the bottom. ( like in windows 7)

Select the drive you want to install the OS to > go to the bottom > select ‘drive options’ > select ‘format’.

Continue the OS installation Enjoy!!

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