How to fix memory storage full on your Android device

Good day everyone, if you are one those flexing the glo 3gb on your Android, and you download anything downloadable on Google play and mobogenie to the extent of using all the available space on your android device thereby getting ‘you are running out of memory,’ or if you always get storage running out of space, then this post is for you.

How to fix memory full on android

==>Make sure your Android device is rooted, all you can follow my post on 10 universal method to root your device (if it’s not rooted, you can post the make here let me show you how to root it)
==>Download root browser app here
==>Run and install it on your device> reboot your device
==>Open the newly installed Root Browser app, a pop up box might come stating if you want to give the app root permission. Don’t grant it.
==>Locate or scroll to /data/ and delete the folder “log”

Note: If you are not sure of which folder contains the log files meant for deletion, kindly copy the folder and paste it in another destination where you can easily find it without stress.
So it will act as a backup in case you delete the wrong files and mess up your phone unintentionally.

==>You can now check the storage you have left, and you
will see the difference.
Another thing you might want to consider after the above is to download App Cache Cleaner as it will clean and clear all the hanging mucus on you device thereby giving you more space.


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