How To Extend/Renew WhatsApp Expiry Date

This article will teach you how you to extend your WhatsApp expiry date before it expired.
WhatsApp is a free one year service which needs renewal every year. Actually, the renewal fee is $0.99 which is not too much to pay but the payment mode is why many Nigerians do have problem to renew their WhatsApp application when it expired. This is why it’s better to extend your WhatsApp expiry date before it reached.

Although, some people do uninstall their expired WhatsApp application and install new one to renew it but you don’t need to do that anymore. You’ll only need another active sim.
In fact, you can borrow a sim but make sure that it has not been used for any WhatsApp account.

How can I extend my WhatsApp expiry date?
Sometimes ago, WhatsApp introduced an option to change your WhatsApp number. It was aimed to swap your account to new one without data loss. This is what you can easily use to extend your WhatsApp expiry .WhatsApp-voice-call.png.

* Open your WhatsApp application
* Click on about (android users should click function button to see hidden menu)
* Then click account info
* Click change my number
* Now, enter your WhatsApp number in the first box and enter new number in the second box
* Complete the verification process and it will show that you’ve successfully changed your number
* This will extend your expiry date for a year
Just follow the above steps to change it back to your former WhatsApp number. Then continue to enjoy your WhatsApp application for another free year. This is what i’ve been using to extend my WhatsApp expiry date.

Note: don’t bother if it shows your old expiry date when you change it back to your old WhatsApp number. Just close your WhatsApp application and reopen it. Then check your account info to see the new date. It works for all versions of WhatsApp.

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