How To Embed Downloadable Files To Your WordPress Post

Do you have an audio, video, Microsoft, excel, PowerPoint or PDF file you wish to upload to your wordpress post and make it downloadable to readers? Here’s an easy way to do so. I know you must have come across couple of wordpress blog posts providing a link for you to download audios, videos or certain documents and you’ve wondered how they were able to do that. Well, it’s really quite simple.

WordPress is an amazing blogging platform. I recently realized that uploading audios and most files on blogger blogs requires research and much work but with wordpress everything is simplified. Below, i’ll be explaining how to embed downloadable files to your wordpress post without the use of a plugin .

I assume that your post is ready to be published and the only thing holding you is to create a link for users to download a certain file.

  • #1. Upload the file to your wordpress media library by going to media – add new – select the file you wish to upload.
  • #2. Once your file is uploaded, click on “edit” and on the edit page, copy the file URL provided at the right side. Move back to your post.
  • 3. Highlight the word(s) you wish to make your download link and click on add link icon as shown on the image below



  • #4. Input the copied file URL into the popup box field that will be displayed, then click on “add link

That’s it, publish your post, review it and click on the link; it’ll popup a download box. It’s easy right? On wordpress everything is simplified. Feel free to share your experience and ask questions in comment below.

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