How To Create App Folders In Android

Do you love apps? If yes, we definitely have one thing in common. I’ve got up to 6 browsers,quite a number of social networking apps, image and video editing apps. Talk about games, i’m a huge fan of quality games and probably have the largest collection of games worldwide :-) .

I’m so much in love with apps and if you are just like me you must have noticed that most apps take a whole lot of time to locate. With a lot of apps on your device you can easily forget their names or they might change icons, making it tougher for you to locate and believe me, this could be very annoying.

Create App Folders In Android

Your homescreen on the other hand doesn’t have enough space to occupy your massive list of apps. Looks like you have no other option than to move into your menu and spend a reasonable time searching for an app, right? No, you can organize your apps by folders; you’ll have the “browser folder” where all your browsing apps are stored, the “games folder” and so on. This makes it a whole lot easier to locate an app from the uncountable you’ve got.

This trick is quite simply but lots of Android users have no idea such feature exist. I’m an Android addict, operating on the jelly bean version and i’ve enjoyed the easy usage of organized apps in folders. However, this same technique can be used to create folders for apps in iOS.

How To Create App Folders In Android

  • Move over to any app and long-press on it, hold on it till it’s movable
  • Now drop it onto another app and whoolaa! It creates a folder :-)
  • On Android jelly bean, the new folder is automatically named “UNNAMED FOLDER”, just tap on it to input a name for your folder.
  • You can now move related apps to the folder, once you press on it displays the apps it contains

Using this technique you can store a lot of apps on your homescreen without exceeding your widget room. Try this out and let’s know how awesome it is via comments below.

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