How To Browse Free With New MTN Magic IP

Its really being a while since we last browsed free using IP addresses, especially on Nokia java phones, so this another way of saying the new year ahead is bright, and maybe filled with lots of tricks and tweaks to enable us browse free till mama calls.

. This is not MTN magic sim. But also unlimited just like the MTN magic sim. And as at the time if writing this post, this tweak is working perfectly, browsing free on Opera mini in Java phones, Android and the below listed devices. You can also try it on other browsers to see what you will come out with. Follow the simple steps given below to join the surfing party in matter of minutes.

How To Browse Free With MTN Magic IP Address

For Android, iPhone & Symbian Users

Configure your device as follows.

==>Port: 80 or 8080

To set up on Android Goto Settings

Settings=> More=> Access point Names=> Select MTN=> Option, New settings. And configure as stated above.

For Nokia S40/Java Phones

==>Create a prov file for your java phone Here using the above IP, port & APN or Download this one Here
==>Transfer downloaded prov file to a PC or Android, Symbian, China phone, another Java phone (using blue ftp download one Here).
==>Now send the transfered prov file via Bluetooth (compulsory its bluetooth) to your Nokia java phone.
==>Having done that, your Java phone should receive this prov file as a configuration settings. Save and choose prov as default configuration settings. You can now lunch your browser and browse till new year lol.

Are you confused or hooked with any tech related issue? Shoot me your problems through the comment box below!


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