How I Downloaded 17GB in 3hours with Airtel

Many people would be wondering how its possible to download 17GB of files in just 3hrs in the current situation of challenges that we are facing with our network providers here in Nigeria.
Recently AIRTEL introduce new data bundle, the unlimited hourly Night Plan(info can be found here) , So decide to give it a try last knight around 2:30am i subscribe for the 2HRs Unlimited @ just N200 in which they usually give 180 minutes with makes it 3HRS instead of 120 minute for 2Hrs, below is my exprience with umlimited night plan.
at first i made wifi hotspot with my iphone 5s to my computer then i decided to downloaded the new windows 10 32Bits for a friend which is almost 4GB in size through IDM, the download finish in less 30mins thats when i realise the speed of the Airtel Night plan, so i decided to download the 64Bits version of the windows 10 which is around 4.5GB and its finish within an hour. Thats when my the night started getting interested so i just decide to install utorrent so that i can download some torrents files, i find this torrent very important the new driverpacks 17 whichs is around 12GB in size and i add to my utorrent it started downloading and reach about 9GB out of the 12GB thats when my 3hRs subscribtion exhausted .

Below  is a screen shot for my data usage for that day:





So from my above exprience you can see how its possible to download the 17Gb in just on night,  so am telling you this in case if anybody needs to download large files from the internet and looking for right plan to use,  but guys there is  one thing you should consider, network might be faster in my area, in your area Airtel network can be poor or not that fast enough.  if you have try this plan lets us know your exprience by dropping comments below.



if you dont know how to subscribe for the Airtel unlimited Hourly Night plan click the link before

Airtel Introduced Unlimited Data Plan For Night Users


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