How to activate and start unlimited browsing with Airtel Whatsapp plan

Hello guys, I just feel like sharing this with you guys, I having being browsing unlimitedly with my airtel sim for about one month now  and its not only me that’s enjoying this unlimited browsing offer, there are also 5 other people in my area that are using it too. But later on i realize that  i started the unlimited browsing  after i activated the N100  Airtel Whatsapp plan , the same thing goes to the other five people and also i discover that all our sim card numbers started with 07018, we try an get another sim that started with 07018 to check to see whether it will work on it, so luckily it started browsing unlimitedly too, thats why am giving you this chance for you to try too on your airtel sim , but i high recommended you to get a line that start with 07018 because all the lines that works for me are 07018. here are the steps to follow

  1. Get Airtel sim card that its number start with 07018
  2. Activate the airtel one month Whatsapp unlimited plan by dialing *948# at  N100
  3. Try to browse and download with  it, not with opera mini
  4. if your line is browsing check to see whether you have some Mb in your sim  by dialing *123*10#, if you dont have mb and its still browsing you are lucky just  start browsing without limit, but if you have mb and its browsing try and finish the mb before you confirm wether  it hook up.
  5. To whether your line is working check your whatsapp to see if its still 50mb by dialing *123*8#, if its 50MB thats you have join us. below is my screen shot of my Whatsapp plan


below is  screen shot for my data usage from my phone, I have been using my phone Hotspot to browse with my pc belows its shows that i have download about 140Gb of data


Note: This may not work for you because its try and errror. but if it works for you dont forget to add a comment with the first five digits of your number, soo that ours will benefit




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