Free Call APP For All Naija Networks

Free Call APP For All Naija Networks
I got this information am about to share while surfing the net.
The freecall app am introducing is called FreePP freepp is a free VoIP
and multimedia SMS application that works across all platforms.
You can enjoy FreePP on your Android phone and any other smartphones and tablets

with any OS. Wherever you are, as long as you are connected
to the internet through WiFi or 3G, you can have one to one/one to many free voice
calls, free texts, free picture sharing and messages with FreePP users around the globe not only in naija isn’t dat superb?.

Four main features of FreePP
1. Free Services : Once you and your contact are both on FreePP, all your
calls, texts, and multimedia messages will be free! International calls or calls across different devices/platforms would no longer be a trouble!
They are still free. However, if you are calling someone who is not a FreePP user, you will be charged by local operators. Xo ur recipient must have the app,
just like facebook,nimbus viber,flipcall,nanu ,binu etc calling app.

2. No missed messages : FreePP remains active even when you are not using it. You would never miss a single call or message. When your phones are turned off,
notifications will arrive when you turn them on.

3. Security matters: FreePP is a real name social tool that’s based on your contact
list. Users do not have to worry about unnecessary
friending invitations from strangers or spam messages. On top of that, FreePP is a high secured voice tool. Your calls will not be phone hacked.

4. User friendly : FreePP requires no registration, logging-in, or memorizing your
password. All you have to do is validify your phone number. You don’t even have to
enter passwords everytime you activate FreePP. FreePP is integrated and synced
with your contact list. You will find it easy to check out
who’s your FreePP friends in your contact list.

Download Here

1. As a first time user ,u have to enter ur number e.g 8064393123, dnt add the first zero in
ur number.

2. Put ur password and a valid email adress, a link will b sent to u via email , comfirm it to verify ur acount. And dats all.

3. Goto ur contacts ,if u have anybody using the app , BEGIN THE FREECALL even with 0.0k on your acount.

::Drop your numbers so that you can receive free calls from starsedtion members.

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