Everything You Need To Know About Crafts

When handcraft becomes your profession, it is the best thing that сan ever happen. Just imagine: instead of sitting somewhere in еру office and coping with boring duties you devote all your working time to a hobby. Sounds perfect, right? Of course, some things will change. When your hobby becomes your job, it requires much more responsibility. You always have to learn more and develop. You don’t have the right for many mistakes. You have to take everything more seriously. Nevertheless, there is a room for creativity and experiments, for all your work is actually creativity and experiments.
What is craft?

Craft is a pastime or a profession, which requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. Long ago, it was used for naming mostly small-scale productions of goods and their maintenance. In present days it has changed its meaning a bit, and now the word “crafts” refers mostly to art and comprise beadwork, floristry, pottery, glass and paper art, cardmaking, scrapbooking (including its digital version), knitting, mosaic, woodcarving and a wide range of local traditional occupations and designer solutions.

The most popular crafts and arts

Sometimes it seems that the amount of existing crafts equals to the amount of people who like to create something, and that is indeed so. But in any case some of them are more popular and widespread.
The first place goes to home decorations. They can be really diverse – made of fibers, glass, clay, paper, several materials combined together. It depends only on creativity of a person who makes an item. But every time a particular thing has a surprising and amazing ability to make your home cozy and original. In most cases handiwork is unique. Even when a person makes same things for years, details are still different, as well as vibes it gives off, moods and feelings it causes. Pictures and paintings, vases, mirrors, bowls, art frames, candlesticks, sculptures, blankets, even faux antlers and a lot more will never disappear from our homes, because these little details make it unique and attractive.
Greeting handmade cards are also in the list of the most popular crafts. A greeting card is a perfect way to surprise a person without any cause, a souvenir to bring from a trip, a thing to add to any present. Lately, people have gotten tired of dull printing production produced by huge polygraphic companies. And no surprise: there is a wonderful alterative – handmade cards. Needless to say, how special they are and how special they make a person feel.
Other unique occupations that require real talent, skills and imagination are painting and fresco. Talented people will always find what to paint on – pottery, frames for pictures, clothing, walls, ceiling… there is no limit for creativity! And every artwork is unique and inimitable.


Handmade jewelry is a leader among accessories. Again, it helps to create original and inimitable image. Everyone who cares about their style, devotes a lot of attention to details and wants to look unique. What can be more unique than accessories made especially for you? The range of materials to use is unlimited.
Handmade toys are one of the most interesting trends. On the other hand, they aren’t actually toys, for they are made more for aesthetic purpose than entertainment. Toys from famous and not really famous, but talented designers are the best present for those, who like beautiful things.
Where to get ideas and inspiration?
One can hardly argue that craftwork and handmade require a lot of creative potential and skills. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot try to start making something on your own. Besides, there are so many places to get ideas from.
The Internet will become your best friend and assistant. Find some interesting and useful YouTube channels, websites, blogs etc. You can search what you are interested in or just type DIY (stands for “do it yourself”) ideas and find even more interesting things than you could expect to find.
There are still a lot of magazines and books with guidelines, instructions, tips and so on. Visit any bookstore or media store and pick something up.
You can also “borrow” some ideas from other people. It is okay if you are not going to present them as your own ones. If you have basic skills but not that much creativity, you don’t have to invent anything extraordinary.


In the end, you can draw ideas from everyday life. Sometimes you see interesting shapes or color combinations, nice graphic solutions and great designs, and it makes you think of something similar but completely different at the same time. That’s what creativity is about. And speaking about inspiration, everyone can find it in little things; it always depends on a person.
Advantages of crafts
…are so numerous! And this is not an exaggeration. Crafts help to unleash your creative potential and develop it. With every new idea you reach a new level and get an opportunity to create something new and bigger.
Crafts stimulate your brain. They develop manual dexterity and attention. You become more attentive to details and concentrated. Handmade also helps to reduce stress and calm down.
You can always be original. Or you can help other people be original and keep unique by making beautiful presents.
In the end, you can get the best job. You will work only for yourself, maybe even start your own business. Your job and your hobby will become the same thing. Your work will always bring happiness and positive emotions to others. And don’t forget that handmade items are always popular and be highly-prized, so you will forget about financial troubles once and forever.
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