Etisalat Unlimited Free browsing

There are two type of Etisalat paygo unlimited.

1) Etisalat paygo; this are those sim that were able to migrate from Easy Clip into Paygo but could not Activate Etisalat clip day which give 5naira per 1mb per day so they have to depend on the weekly 5mb or 10mb depending on the amount they load first 100naire credit or 200naira credit.

2) Etisalat Paygo+Clip day; this are those Etisalat sim that were able to activate the full Unlimited by Easy clip + Paygo + Clip day, this Sim those not depend on the 5mb or 10mb given weekly beco they get there own MB from Clip Day which cost 5naira per day.

Note: Etisalat paygo Activation as been blocked, if you don’t have just give up reading now but if you have hope let’s continue

Etisalat Paygo Rule.

1) make sure its a fresh week
2) load 100naira you would be given 5mb
3) connect or on your data
4) connect Speedvpn or Flashvpn or Hotspot shield Elite.
5) off and on back data every 45mins to be on save side.
6) your 5mb will hook wen it get to 0.48mb which would take u up to 4days unlimited

My Advice: avoid streaming site.

Note; 1)Don’t ever check your credit or receive call while browsing, in short Don’t is Dont.

2) Only check data by *228# or in short you don’t need this.

:::;::::::::::EnD for Eti pay go::::::::::::

For Etisalat Paygo+Clip Day

Use same rule above too.

Note; don’t ever opt out of Clip day or you will be bock from opt in.

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