I have been downloading unlimitedly  with this trick for like 3 weeks now, but this tweak is  hidden away and not expose to the public because some people have been using it to make money with it, they use to get sim cards into this plan and be selling it to people, but today i will tell you how to get your own line into this plan, and start enjoying this trick , without you wasting your money buying the sim from people. so lets get started

at first,  your line must be on easy starter plan , if you are not on easy starter plan you can migrate by dial *244*2# then Send/OK to migrate into the easy starter plan.

next, You need to migrate to easy life by dialing *620*1#

next, Dial *229*3*7# to buy 3hrs at N15, you can buy as many hours as you want by dialing *227*0# to opt out every time you buy each 3hrs.

then at last to browsing unlimitedly without warning message saying you reach fair use of your data kindly dialing *227*0# at the end after you finish buying your hours.

NOTE: some times this codes will keep showing you error because too many people are using  it at the same time. i will advise you to buy all the hours you want in the night because at that time there is no heavy traffic of people.


for now this all you need to know …..stay tuned for our next update, Dont forget to share it with friends.



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