Download Torrent With Simple Server on Android Smartphone

I know Mtn killers, Imei pitchers and GB exhausters  are gazing at this post right now imaging what will come out of it next… But I’m glad majority of Android, PC and other device users are really making use of MTN BIS on their Android and PC with Simple server and other vpn services.

A lot of individual had wanted to know how to download using Utorrent on Android and that is what I’m going to share with you.

I want to believe your Mtn BBC day is active because it is 3.5Gb and if you are lucky, you can use upto 5GB and above.

So if you want to download heavily, N100 is enough to get you season 1, 2 & 3 of your favorite Tv series.


How Can I Download With Utorrent on Android?

I’ll quickly list three simple apps that you can use.

==> Flud is a simple yet powerful torrent downloaded which uses the BitTorrent protocol to fetch files for you.

There are no speed limits on download or uploads so you are practically downloading at the fastest speeds your IPS is providing you.

This is great because some torrent apps for Android limit the speeds depending on the duration of your seeding habits.

The app also allows you to select which files you want to download from a full torrent and you can also prioritize files.

This torrent app for Android also supports magnet links, which is great for those who love on-click downloads.

Why should I Download Fluid?

Flud allows you to move files while they are downloading.

This means if you are short on storage space, you can easily move the files to the microSD card.

Download Flud here

==> aTorrent: If you are looking for the best torrent app for Android, aTorrent is certainly the best in straightforwardness. Magnetic links will grab torrents with one click and start downloading it in an instant. You can also queue multiple torrents at a time which continue downloading in the background. If you require a no hassle torrent app, this is the one for you. The clean white interface oozes with quality and presents a pristine looking experience.

Torrent search dialogue and magnet link support.
Open torrents straight from the browser.
Select the download folder and enable partial downloads.

Notable Feature:
You can limit downloads through WiFi and even pause downloads when the phone is not docked. This means the app will download only when you feel it is convenient and save a lot of battery time.

Download aTorrent here

==> Torrent Movie Downloader – Free
Torrent Movie Downloader may seem like an app specifically designed to download movies but that’s not the case. You can virtually download any torrent from the app. The app has no speed limits and allows partial downloads. The only thing wrong with the app is that the search feature requires you to download another app, which is a hassle.

Notable Feature:
This app allows you to schedule your downloads. This allows you to make sure when the torrents start to download and when they stop. This feature comes in handy for those who want to download at night and save battery for daily use age

Download Torrent Movie here

Don’t entertain any dull moment at all… Download until you’ve downloaded the whole of the internet.

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