Check If Your Infinix Phone And Battery Is Original Or Fake

Check if your infinix phones are fake or original , is no longer news that they are fake infinix phone and battery everywhere. But the question is can you really spot or know the difference between
fake and original infinix phones and battery

Today am going to show you how you can spot or know the difference between fake and original infinix phones including their battery, I wonder what you will do when you find out that the infinix phone you bought with huge money is fake !!!

Infinix has put in measures to checkmate counterfeit Infinix smartphones in the market beginning from the one you are holding.
Some of you might even be using original Infinix smartphones but your battery might be fake
How to Check If your Infinix Smartphone and Battery is Original or Fake

Before you begin, you need to get your IMEI and VC Number.
For IMEI, dial *#06#
For VC number (check on the battery or phone, It is usually below the battery)
Steps to check if your Infinix is fake or original

1. Go to infinix verification tool by clicking here

2. Input your IMEI and VC number

3. Hit the submit button and wait for result

Now it will tell you if your infinix phone is fake or original, You can also check the battery of your infinix is fake or original.

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