Browse Unlimitedly with MTN Music+

first of all send D to 5900

dial *559*2# to check your balance..under music+

Then go to your simple android server.
Injection query/url=

Injection host=

Proxy host =
Proxy port=8080
Connection Timeout=10
Injection type=Inject
log level=debug
Buffer size=8092

Then go to yourphone settings select mobile network then select access point names create new apn with below info
Proxy =
Port= 8080
Apn type= default

After that to power all your application download PROXY DROID or  AUTOPROXY (both of them require root access).

Then configure the the PROXY DROID or  AUTOPROXY with settings below.
proxy =
Port = 8080
NOTE : if you have the latest Simple Android Server there is no need to use autoproxy

Now to make it unlimited follow the steps below

CLICK HERE To Download SMS Schedule

Launch the application, Click on Schedule sms

Type 5900 in the Phone number field

Type Cancel7D in the message box

Confirm your date and time

Choose your sms sending interval (the time interval you think you can finish 150mb) I used 30mins in mine

Save that.

Go back to the application and create another entry

Extend the time by a minute

Type 5900 in the Phone number field

Type D in the message box

Confirm the date and save the sending interval to the interval you saved the first one.

Now to use psiphon with mtn music plus.
Launch Psiphon Handler

On the handler menu.
Proxy type – real host

Proxy server –

Real Proxy server –
Real Proxy type – inject

Host address
Port 8080

Region : Japan

Save and Connect

To use Simple Android Server (root)

Goto Local Server settings
Tick Use Global Proxy

Click General Settings

Proxy host:
Proxy port: 8080

Injection Query/Url:

Injection host:

Injection line: press enter 4 times

Save and Connect SimpleServer By Drawing the Switch

Enjoy Browsing Unlimitedly Totally Free.

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