Browse download Unlimited on Android with Mtn bis + Simple server

This Mtn bis adventure just got more exciting….

For first timers I will recommend #70 daily plan, to activate

Follow this:

list of all mtn bis plans and their code:
For daily plan at #70 sms BBLITED to 21600
For weekly text BBLITEW
For monthly text BBLITEM to 21600

-Auto proxy (to power all apps with simple server) download here
-Simple Server download here


-install simple server and proxy Droid
– open your simpleserver and configure it this way;

Proxy host:
Proxy port: 8080
Injection method: get
Injection querry/url:
Injection host:
Injection line press your keyboard enter key 4times
log leve: debug

close and hit the connect button
Auto Proxy
Configure auto proxy like this
Proxy host:
port: 8080
And connect.
-subscribe to any mtn BBC plan and start blazing! (don’t forget to start simple server and Pd Proxy before u start browsing) .

Mtn bis still rock on pc and Droid just that BBC plans have been blocked. To use mtn bis on pc follow the normal guide but subscribe to BBlite by texting BBLITED to 21600 it cost 70 naira per day.

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