Block Annoying Calls and SMS from MTN,GLO,AIRTEL,contacts

The rate at which I get unimportant text messages from MTN network, Airtel, Calls from glo network bots is quite annoying. I get a bunchful of them on a daily basis and it sort of pisses me off.

I would say glo is even kinda worse in the sense that, while trying to cope with the text messages from MTN and ignoring them, glo sends little messages compared to MTN. However, a normal looking glo number could call you and upon picking up, you realize its just a programmed voice talking to you and trying to promote offers which you probably ain’t comfortable with.

If you feel same way like me, there is an application which you can install on your phone to block these messages and calls from coming through.

Blacklist number app

Blacklist Number App

Just as the name implies, you configure the app in other to block those glo numbers that look original only to realize they are programmed voices. Not only can you block numbers on this app, you can also block text messages from certain numbers from getting through. This comes in handy when using an MTN SIM and getting a lot of their annoying messages on a regular basis.

Is this app only for blocking network numbers?

No! Since the app aids you in blacklisting numbers, you can choose to blacklist any number to which you don’t want to receive calls from. You can choose to blacklist (block) only calls from the number, only text messages from the number or even both.

Where To Download Blacklist Number App?

This app has been confirmed on android phones. If using an android phone, you can download from Google Play store market. For other mobile platform users, please search through your phone’s app store.

I hope this comes in handy in blocking those annoying calls and text messages from MTN network bot, Glo, airtel and others.


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