Beginners’ Guide To Creating An Android App. FoR Your BLog/Business Site

How Can I Develop an App For my Business site And Make Money From It?

>>Go to

>>Enter the url of your business or blog in the field that
says Create an app and click on Create Now

>>It will bring you to step 2; carefully fill in your details
including your app name and business description

>>Choose the category your blog or Business falls and then click on
Create app.

>>It will bring you to the next stage where you’ve be
required to fill in your credentials and email address

>>Click on submit and it will bring you to your
dashboard. At this stage, you app is almost ready for the
last stage.

>You’ll be required to upload 4 quality screen shots
before your app will be publish on Google Play Store. This
screenshots can easily be taken by striking the “Prt SC” key from your keyboard or if you are on mobile,
ScreenMunch it and upload it directly.
10.92 KB

>Once you are done uploading, click on submit¦ Gbam!
You now have an Android app for your blog. Before it will be uploaded, you have to first of all test it on your
own android device to see what your done and if there’ll
be need for any adjustment.
Once you’ve successfully tested it, you’ll be presented
with 4 options, so choose the platform you
want to upload your app.

Now,I’ve Known How To Create Android App FOR My Business,How Can I Make Money With It?

Don’t Lemme Be Twistinf Or Lying For You,This Can’t Make You A Billionaire Overnight And Also For You To Make A Penny From It,You Should Have Gotten High Amount Of Downloads And Usage.


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Just Locate Admob In The Publishing Interface To Monetize Your App With Them.

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